Drawing Matter - Eleanor Bartlett, Lucinda Burgess, Carole Pearson - 26 June - 31 July 2021

Drawing Projects UK is delighted to present the exhibition Drawing Matter - Eleanor Bartlett, Lucinda Burgess, Carole Pearson. We now plan to open the exhibition from 26 June to 31 July 2021 (subject to confirmation).

Eleanor Bartlett, Lucinda Burgess and Carole Pearson all emphasise the nature and character of different kinds of matter, be it graphite, wax, tar, paper, wood or metallic paint. They are also united by a limited colour palette and frequent use of line. This exhibition is an exploration into the expanded field of drawing, blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting, architecture and drawing.

Eleanor Bartlett had no formal training and began her practice in 2010, drawing from natural forms. She progressed to painting and making sculpture and has shown her work nationally and in Europe. She has installed sculpture in Salisbury and Wells Cathedrals, and has exhibited in other public spaces and museums. Her work is held in private and public collections. Eleanor Bartlett works with industrial materials describing elemental forms, painted with tar and wax. The behaviour of the materials have an important implication on the direction of the work, but ultimately the work has to have the power to persuade.

Lucinda Burgess trained and taught as a painter, but then became involved with oriental philosophy and spent time in a monastic setting. Continuing a pattern of dramatic change, she went on to become a successful landscape designer. Since 2010 she has resumed her Fine Art practice, working primarily in three dimensions. Her background in oriental philosophy and landscape design has led to a fascination with the raw elemental qualities of materials, and informs a sculptural practice that accentuates the reality of constant change, undermining the idea of a fixed thing, object or identity. Her art has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including among others, Nunnery Gallery, Beaux Arts Gallery, Jerwood Space, Mall Galleries and the Arndean Gallery in London, Newlyn Art Gallery in Cornwall, Municipal Gallery in Athens, The Tapestry in Liverpool, Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, Aesthetica Art Prize in York and the travelling national Jerwood Drawing Prize.

Carole Pearson worked in museum collections and then trained in ceramics before gaining an MA in Fine Art. She makes sculptures, prints, cyanotypes and drawings. She often uses found materials along with making hand-crafted objects. After a childhood growing up on farms in North Yorkshire, her work is informed by responses to the land, buildings and materials, as well as the beaches of the north east coast. She has shown her work in the UK and Europe.

OPENING HOURS: Opening hours will be confirmed in the new year. Works in the exhibition are on show in the public areas of the building whenever Miranda's Coffee Shop is open, usually from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8am to 3pm.