Trowbridge Stanza - Publishing Poetry in the UK - 5 November 2022

Please join members of the Trowbridge Stanza, a monthly poetry group, on Saturday 5 November 2022 from 2pm to 4pm at Drawing Projects UK for an informal discussion and sharing of ideas about publishing poetry in the UK.  

Find out how to submit poems to poetry magazines and how to send a poetry manuscript to a publisher.  Share your own experience of being published and bring copies of your books to sell, swap or show to the group.  The afternoon will be convened by writer Josephine Corcoran who published a poetry pamphlet with Tall-Lighthouse Press in 2014 and a full collection with Nine Arches Press in 2018.  Additionally, she has had over fifty individual poems published in poetry magazines and anthologies, and for ten years ran an online poetry journal called And Other Poems.

Topics under discussion will include stories of favourite and least favourite publishers; self-publishing; pamphlet or full collection?; keeping track of submissions; coping with rejection; poetry competitions; print versus online journals and other topics suggested by the group.

Everyone welcome (16+). Tickets are £5/£2.50 and there is a pay-it-forward option if anyone would like to donate a ticket for someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend, booking link here.