Girl Friday Breakfast Club with Eleanor Bartlett on 28 May 2021

Join us online on Friday 28 May at 8.30am (GMT) for our Girl Friday Breakfast Club with Eleanor Bartlett, by booking here

As we look forward to opening the exhibition Drawing Matter: Eleanor Bartlett, Lucinda Burgess, Carole Pearson at Drawing Projects UK from 26 June to 31 July 2021, we are delighted to welcome Eleanor Bartlett as our Girl Friday Breakfast Club guest speaker. The Drawing Matter exhibition forms an exploration into the expanded field of drawing, blurring the boundaries between sculpture, painting, architecture and drawing.

Eleanor Bartlett uses heavy industrial materials, tar and metal paint, chosen for their workman-like qualities, and wax. These materials are part of the fabric of everyday life and they form the foundation of her subject matter. Eleanor Bartlett works with industrial materials describing elemental forms, painted with tar and wax. The behaviour of the materials have an important implication on the direction of the work, but ultimately the work has to have the power to persuade. Exploring the world as a construct frames her thinking, and problems to do with the void pervade her work as she explores painting and drawing as object, negating the idea of representation.

Eleanor had no formal training as an artist and began her practice in 2010, drawing from natural forms. She progressed to painting and making sculpture and has shown her work nationally and in Europe. She has installed sculpture in Salisbury and Wells Cathedrals, and has exhibited in other public spaces and museums. Her work is held in private and public collections. 

The Girl Friday Breakfast Club was established by Kate Reynolds and Anita Taylor in 2018 to provide a friendly and informal space for women to meet and to hear from an interesting woman speaker, eat breakfast and drink great coffee or tea together at Drawing Projects UK on the last Friday of each month. We held our first online Girl Friday in October 2020 after realising we had longer to go before we could gather again for breakfast due to lockdown. We aim to retain the informal format, and events are not recorded, so do book to join in - and bring your own breakfast - or lunch or supper depending on where you are in the world!

All women, and those who identify as women, are very welcome to join the Girl Friday Breakfast Club.

Please note: we send the Zoom link to registered participants by email in advance of the event, and a reminder with the Zoom link is also automatically sent by email 50 minutes before the event starts. Please check your email inboxes.

Photo: Still from 'In The Studio - Eleanor Bartlett', Beam Editions. Director Jonathan Casciani and film maker Reece Straw

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