Drawing Correspondence Program - Nature as Witness - 2 May to 10 June 2022

Drawing Correspondence are offering a themed six-week program, Nature as Witness, which will be delivered from 2 May to 6 June 2022 with applications sought by 31 March 2022.

The Drawing Correspondence programs are designed to support the growth and critical evolution of each participant's drawing practice in a supportive atmosphere. Nature as Witness is the third six-week online program conceived under the Drawing Correspondence umbrella and invites participants to consider how we think about our interaction with nature and how this encounter with the non-human or beyond human is explored through drawing. The six-week program comprises drawing sessions, prompted independent drawing projects, drawing discussions, group and individual tutorials, feedback, surgeries, and recommendations.

The program is devised by the Drawing Correspondence founders: Chloe Briggs, Tania Kovats and Anita Taylor, and delivered by the Drawing Correspondence team and invited contributors. The first four weeks are guided and designed to inspire participants to re-think, re-animate and revive their individual drawing practice.

The first four weeks of the program are themed by the elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air. The second part of the program involves reflection on what was achieved in the structured element of the program and facilitates identification for each participant of an independent focus for personal development. The program concludes with an online presentation of the work that each participant selects to share with the Drawing Correspondence participants and team. A collaborative publication is also produced that includes images and text by the program participants, which forms a documentary record of the Nature as Witness cohort and program.

Applications are sought for the 10 available places by 31 March 2022, with all applicants advised of the outcomes by 8 April 2022. There is a participation fee of £600 for the six-week program. Drawing Correspondence has also has a fee-waiver bursary available. More details are available here.