Girl Friday Breakfast Club with Elena Hill, Friday 29 June

The Girl Friday Breakfast Club aims to provide a friendly and informal space for women to meet, chat, and support each other. There is no agenda other than hearing from an interesting women speaker, eating breakfast and drinking great coffee or tea together in Studio Cafe at Drawing Projects UK on the last Friday of each month from 8:00am to 10:00am. On Friday 29 June, our guest speaker will be Elena Hill, Director of AMI, a production company for artist film and digital content, who co-founded Soda Film +Art (SoFA), a film production and distribution company for artist long form films. She is also the South West Regional Circle Director of the Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

As director of AMI (Artist Moving Image), Elena works with international artists to create experimental film and sound projects/exhibitions and presentations for major institutions such as Fondation Cartier, Paris and Tate Modern, London. Elena has played a key role in supporting and mentoring artists wishing to transfer into film both at the beginning of their careers as well as showcasing established artists for a wider audience through feature length films made collaboratively between the visual arts and the film industry. In 2004, Elena set up AMIE (Artist Moving Image Exhibition), a city-wide festival for moving image installations and screenings in Bath. She is interested in art as a tool for change and is particularly interested in high impact socially referenced and environmental projects exemplified by her recent project with artist Carlos Casas, Cemetery, which is an immersive film and audio-visual installation inspired by the legend of the elephant cemetery, where elephants instinctively go to die.

Elena is also the Southwest Regional Director of Outset Contemporary Art Fund, the international independent charity recognised for pioneering arts philanthropy that supports new art for the widest possible audiences.

Please book your Girl Friday Breakfast in advance, so we know how many to cater for!

All women, and those who identify as women, are very welcome to join.