Drawing Correspondence Program - The Body I Am In - 19 October to 21 November 2021

The next Drawing Correspondence Six-Week Program - The Body I Am In - runs from 19 October to 23 November 2021. The program includes a live session online every Tuesday evening from 5-7pm (UK time).

As soon as we can draw, we try to draw the figure. Drawing the body, either ourselves or others is an endless exploration of what it means to be alive. Drawing from ourselves, people we know, or from ‘life models’, wrapped or unwrapped by the layers we cover ourselves with, measuring and expressing how we occupy space in the world.  This program reflects on the changing body, body acceptance, gratitude and reverence, encouraging the grounding benefits of a drawing practice. Closer observation of the body through drawing encourages how we are part of nature, our authenticity, and celebrates vibrant physicality in all its complexity, as well as being a much-celebrated drawing discipline.  The program has a non-judgemental approach to drawing and takes the opportunity of drawing together as a chance to build respect for the participants and others - drawing together and exploring a range of dynamic approaches to drawing the body.  

This program will be led by Drawing Correspondence founders, Chloe Briggs, Tania Kovats and Anita Taylor, with invited guests including Ioi Choi, Lilli Math, Alex Mein, Callen McKeon. Drawing Correspondence programs are designed to support the growth and critical evolution of your drawing practice in a supportive atmosphere and will connect participants to wider drawing networks and debates around drawing from the figure. The Drawing Correspondence six-week program consists of shared drawing sessions, prompted independent drawing projects, feedback, surgeries and recommendations and drawing discussions. 

More information about this and other Drawing Correspondence Program, fees and bursaries, and how to apply can be found on the Drawing Correspondence website here. The deadline to apply for The Body I Am In is 10 October 2021.