From the Ground: Mandy Bonnell & James Brooks

James Brooks, Civic Squares of Paris drawings (installation view)

James Brooks, Civic Squares of Paris drawings (installation view)

5 May - 30 June 2018

From 5 May - 30 June 2018, Drawing Projects UK will be presenting the exhibition From the Ground - Mandy Bonnell & James Brooks, which will include an artist’s book by Mandy Bonnell, Eloise Butler's Wildflower Garden, and a number of works by James Brooks that explore the geography and geometry of civic spaces in towns and cities across Europe. The common ground between the two artists being the exploration of geography and an intimacy of mark.

Mandy Bonnell, Eloise Butler’s Wildflower Garden, 2013, artist’s book.

Eloise Butler's Wildflower Garden was produced in response to Eloise Butler's Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis and the three concertina sections - Flora, Flower and Fleuron - will be fully displayed for the first time. The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of artist-led Drawing Sessions, Drawing Discussions - including a Drawing Discussion with Emma Hill of the Eagle Gallery in London on 12 May at 4pm - and a poetry reading by Gabriel Gbadamosi in June.